Faro Family Fun

Going away on a multi family multi child trip… here’s something new. I remember these holidays as a kid and loved them, but don’t really remember how my parents were. Now that getting a night out with friends is a rarity, I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.


We love end of season holidays – less people, cheaper rates – but you need to go further afield. The 11 of us (3 families) decided on Pine Cliffs resort in the Algarve, Portugal. We used our SPG points for a hotel room and friends opted for apartments.


Five pools and beach access! Sadly only one pool was heated (the rest were freezing) and to get to the beach you had to tackle about 50 stairs along a boardwalk. Not ideal with a pushchair but the set up at the bottom was well worth the hassle.


We spent our days mulling around the resort and making a lot of 5:30pm dinner reservations. The food was ok and overpriced, but there was an awesome lookout at the Mirador champagne bar (that served other things).


It took us a few days but we started to venture out to the local restaurants and shops and had a rowdy boys night at Brothers Bar and a family dinner which were both much better value.


We probably won’t come back to the resort in October, but it was so nice to spend multiple evenings in the company of adults.

Until next time…

– M

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