M & K

We met in 2007 in a New York City bar; at the time Mike was living in London.  Fast forward through a year of weekend visits and tear-filled goodbyes, Mike asked for a transfer to NYC. After a move across the pond in 2008, Mike locked it down in 2013 with a wedding in Nantucket.

One of the things that have always united us was our love for travel.  Early in our relationship, we talked of going on a round the world trip, leaving everything behind to explore places we’ve always dreamed of visiting.  We felt strongly that life is meant to be lived to the fullest and the risk of taking a brief pause in our everyday life would be well worth the reward.

That’s easier said than done as there’s never a good time to put your life on pause, but when we made the decision to move to London, it seemed like an ideal opportunity to take the trip of a lifetime in between.  We’ll likely end up begging for pennies on the streets of London for a few years afterwards but hopefully, 20 years down the road, it will all be worth it.

Please leave us comments about what we’re up to and if you’re enjoying our posts.

– K
November 2013

Since leaving New York and completing our trip of a lifetime we’ve now relocated to central London and, after much debate, decided on living near London Bridge. There’s a real community feel in parts of the area, which we loved in New York, and it’s got great transport links to all of London.

Now that we’re here, we’ll try and fulfil our goal of really seeing what Europe was to offer. We feel you never really appreciate local destinations when you live so close to them, but after seeing so many US based friends craving and visiting Europe we started to see the error of our always-wanting-to-go-far-away ways. We’re going to focus on Europe and local trips within the UK, but I’m sure they’ll be the odd far flung destination thrown in too.

Lastly, as you may have gathered we love our food as well. We’re by no means connoisseurs, but we’ll try and give our opinion on places we’ve discovered in London and, please, let us know if you have any must try places. We love it all – roadside shack to white table cloth gourmet.

– M
May 2014

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