Bosnian Summer wedding in Trebinje

After Dubrovnik it was on to Trebinje in Bosnia in Herzegovina. Driving the panoramic coastal road we soon arrived at a rickety shack – the border – and took in the views from “no man’s land”; arguably the best in the world.

Trebinje sits in the floor of a valley, flanked by mountains, with the crystal clear Trebisnjica river running through it. It’s small; brimming with character, but is a little worn in parts. The day before the wedding I took a stroll through the Gradski (old town) to get by bearings.

From there I followed the riverside path to the historic Perovic-Arslanagic’s bridge. It’s a highly recommended 45 mins taking in the air, listening to a frog chorus and watching local fisherman.

It was then time for the festivities to begin and our hosts had organised some wine tasting at the nearby Podrum Petijevic vineyards (€5pp). We tried two reds and two whites – the Chardonnay being my favourite – whilst feasting on antipasti. The grapes grow hot here, so the wine is a little punchy in alcohol, and on the nose, but served ice-cold the white tastes great on a hot day.

Our last activity of the day was to learn about the monastery, and take in the vistas, at Crkvina. A beautifully colourful church which has a convenient bar next door for a sun set tipple. 

Wedding day! After a local rakkie (50% rocket fuel) to start the day we headed to the Bellevue for a 12 noon start. With the wedding due to finish at midnight pacing yourself would be the smart play, but that’s not the tradition here – Johnnie Walkers all round! After a few team photos we tucked into trays of cold cuts that seemed to magically replenish themselves.

Well fed, we followed our standard bearer back to town for the traditional church ceremony at another beautiful church. Boys and girls were separated, school disco-style, and the bride and groom pranced around in crowns whilst the choir chanted in Serbian.

Back to the venue for more meat and cheese, cake, vino and whiskey before the bad dancing began. Cue lots of drunken photos and lots of laughs before the carriages arrived at midnight. A long old day, and sore heads in the morning, but what a blast.

Events like this really give you great opportunities to go to places you never would and I can’t say that Bosnia was on my must-do list, but, oh, what fun! 

Thanks for the hospitality Mr and Mrs Wright and we wish you all the best for the future.

Until next time



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