Exploring & relaxing in Dubrovnik

A couple of friends of ours got married this May bank holiday weekend in Trebinje, Bosnia in Herzegovina, setting up the perfect excuse for a little jaunt to Dubrovnik, on the Dalmatian coast, in Croatia first. Unfortunately, the bump is now too big to fly, so I tackled this one solo. 

The most beautiful city I’ve ever seen has stood here for centuries. Protected by strong walls and diplomacy, it defended itself from coastal attacks for hundreds of years ago and from mortar shelling 25 years ago. Acting as the backdrop for Kings Landing from Game of Thrones, there’s a lot of history to Dubrovnik: more than that of the Lanisters and Starks.

With a few friends and their babies we based ourselves slightly north of the Old Town at the Radisson Blu – a campus hotel that’s great for families. The views speak for themselves and there’s lots of pools and restaurants. 

After a day of relaxing and catching up with friends I ventured into town to see the sites. There are a few walking tours for ~£10 that specialise in the medieval history, the civil war of the 90s and, of course, Game of Thrones. I opted to go it alone and paid my entrance (120 Kuna) to Walk the Walls

The views are amazing and the mile long walk takes about an hour to complete. There’s quite a few steps, so maybe ditch the buggy and not a lot of shade, so bring some water or grab a smoothie at one of the cafes. I walked the loop at 5pm to avoid the strong sun. 

You get great views of the forts, lookout towers, islands out at sea, ports and back into the streets of the Old Town. 

The roofs show the impact of the 1991 siege on the town where shelling damaged the city – the ones that aren’t terracotta in colour show the repairs (a lot of repairs). 

I couldn’t find the entrance, just this view from above, but the popular Buza Bar sits at the base of the wall, outside, and offers excellent views for a sundowner. Next time…

After the walk, and a while of getting lost in the alleys, I headed up towards Banje Beach – a popular beach restaurant/bar – to take it the macro view of the old town. Stunning. 

Everyone we spoke to was already planning their next trip back and this time I’ll make sure Katie and baby come along for the ride. 

On to Trebinje!


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