Escaping London – Oxford

Bank holidays are here again and the weathers picking up, so with some American buddies in town we hopped the train out to Oxford. 

To get to know the town and its history we signed up for the Footprints University tour (£10pp) and were guided round campus by the knowledgeable, and rather eccentric, Lucy.  First stop was inside Bollial college founded in 1263. 

She told us some funny stories about student pranks and the famous students that went their: three PMs and a moderately important economist called Adam Smith. 

From there we checked out Sheldonian Theatre designed by Christopher Wren, surrounded by the twelve emperors. Then round to the Bridge of Sighs, a replica of the one in Venice. 

We carried on to the Bodleian library to see the Divinity School that was used a bunch of the Harry Potter movies. The ceiling is beautiful and I can’t imagine having lectures in there. 

Lastly we saw the Radcliffe Camera and the All Souls College. Stunning buildings with some more humorous stories attached. 

We recapped our tour at the Trout Inn, in Wolvercote and relaxed by the weir. The service was terrible but the food and beer garden were great. We wrapped up the day with a few drinks at the Turf Tavern and the Bear Inn before having a great dinner at Pierre Victorie. 

What a great trip, it’s such a quaint and historic town, and we can’t wait to go back. 

Until next time


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