Amalfi Coast: Positano to Ravello

After our awesome few days in Capri we planned to take the ferry over to Positano but no boats were going that way due to choppy waters (it wasn’t that bad) so we had to take a ferry to Sorrento and take the bus from there. This was quite a slog. There are trains to Sorrento from Naples, but south of there your only options are ferries, pricey taxis or the bus. We skipped Sorrento as its a big town and doesn’t have the charm of some of the other places. 


After finally arriving we checked into our pretty shabby hotel: they’re pricey here and the town is on a steep elevation. Get a hotel near the bottom where most of the life is and pop to the top for the views, not vice versa. We met some friends and had a cracking dinner at L’Incanto on the beach. We loved it so much we lunched there the next day. 

   Positano (and other areas in Amalfi) sell a lot of leather, pottery and lemon related products. We cruised the lanes and Katie picked up some reasonably priced, made-to-order-in-5-minutes, leather sandals for the wedding.  

   Positano is a nice place, but a little run down and overcrowded compared to Capri and Ravello. There are tons of tourists (mostly American college kids and retirees) and we were keen to move on. 


Sitting above Amalfi, connected via a long road punctuated with switchback, sits Ravello which boasts the best views I saw on the mainland. The view from our hotel was no exception.  

  It’s a small town and popular with day trippers, it’s a great place to wander and get lost in the windy lanes, with life revolving around the large piaza. The Ravello Cathedral is worth a visit as is Villa Rufolo (EUR 5pp) with its postcard worthy views.

     After talking up the boat trip around Capri we took we rustled up a crew to set sail from Amalfi. We got 5 on a boat for EUR 120 and sped our way down to Positano to take in the view. It looks so much better from the boat and we had a fantastic time imitating Baywatch and diving off the boat. 

   Come wedding day we ventures up the cobbled streets to the ceremony in the gardens of the town hall – Principessa di Piemonte. The views were stunning and some of the vows were pretty interesting – apparently children over 12 must be consulted in large family decisions.

   After the knot was tied, the newlyweds were serenaded back to the piaza by some guitarists plucked from the Sicilian scenes in the Godfather. The couple were met with cheers, champagne and requests for photos from the tourists. The venue for the evenings festivities and dinner was at Villa Eva – the most ridiculous building and grounds I’ve been to for a wedding. Our photos don’t do the views and manicured gardens justice. 


It was an incredible day and a great way to cap off an awesome trip. Until next time…


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