San Marino: The Castle in the Sky

If anyone ever asked if I had any interest in going to San Marino a year ago, frankly, I’d have said no, but I’m really glad England playing the “minnows of European football” gave us an opportunity to see this incredible place.


Think Kings Landing in Game of Thrones or Gondor in Lord of the Rings but replace the squalor of the streets with Italian fashion, cafes and restaurants that would be at home in Rome or Milan. San Marino old town is beautiful. The main piazza has official buildings on two sides, cafes on a third and a thousand foot drop on the other offering stunning views out to the sea.


We spent the day wandering the streets, and turrets, taking in the sights and staying well hydrated with Peronis and Morettis.


It’s a small place (the third smallest country in the world) and can be easily seen in a day – reachable from Rimini, Bologna or Perugia. After admiring the last of the views we ventured down the mountain to the football stadium for the match. Katie made some friends with the local coppers and we took our seats in the stadium – I’ve seen bigger at American high schools.


The fans were great, cheered for their team throughout and we were thanked many times for coming to visit their country. It was a  great surprise and, unlike Rimini, we’d recommend it to anyone passing by.

Until next time…


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