Barcelona Bank Holidays

With the August Bank Holiday coming up why not take a trip to a European city the has everything – architecture, culture, nightlife, a beach and fantastic food and SUN! Barcelona has the lot and it’s much cheaper than the likes of Paris, with a beer costing around 2 euros.


We took a four day trip over Easter with some friends and stayed in the Gothic quarter. It’s walkable to everything, with our boutique hotel hidden amongst the lanes, and it’s much less touristy than Las Ramblas. Plus the amazing Fabrica empanadas shop was a stones throw away for late night snacking.

IMG_0822_1024 IMG_0941_1024IMG_0961_1024

One of the best parts about Barcelona is it’s reputation as a party city; long late dinners followed by nights that end with the sun coming up. As it was Mike’s first time to Barcelona, I was keen to show him around. After getting settled, we headed to the area around El Born for dinner at Llamber. After some tasty tapas we hit up a few bars with Crepes al Born being the highlight. A creperiere by day it turns into a rowdy cocktail bar at night with the staff literally swinging from low hung chandeliers. We made some friends with our broken spanglish before wandering home around 3am. We noticed the neighbours seem less keen on the area’s nightlife.

IMG_0749_1024 IMG_0758_1024 IMG_0938_1024

Barcelona is famed for its Gaudi designed buildings, gorgeous and super unique designs that are scattered around the city. To see them all we rented Vespas (EUR 37 inc. sat nav), complete with preprogrammed GPS routes of the sites to cruise around on. This was such a fun way to see the town and we had a blast trying to figure out the roads without causing a crash. We saw all the main sites from Sagrada Familia, to Las Ramblas to Camp Nou (book a ticket to explore the inside of Sagrada Familia, we passed)

thumb_IMG_0368_1024 IMG_0770_1024 IMG_0768_1024

We then drove out to the Camp Nou to see the famous stadium, have a well deserved ice cream and visit the club shop. There are tours you can do for EUR 23 and they were selling tickets for games later in the week.

IMG_0971_1024 thumb_IMG_0377_1024 thumb_IMG_0378_1024

After a well deserved nap, some tapas and prosecco at La Bona Sort we ventured down to Barceloneta by the beach to check out the club scene. We hopped around a few, put away some tequila shots and threw some shapes (Carpe Diem probably being the best) before realising that we were a bit over the target age demographic (I swear those clubs were better when I was 19!) and ended up at Bestial and Coconut Club drinking cocktails.

IMG_0780_1024 IMG_0789_1024

The next day we took it easy, waking up late before stumbling in for some well needed brunch at Milk. After a few days of tapas, the all american combo of eggs benedict and a bloody Mary never tasted so good. From here we wandered down to get some sun at the beach (stopping for some killer burgers at Makamaka, highly recommended).

IMG_0799_1024 thumb_IMG_0392_1024 IMG_0828_1024 IMG_0830_1024IMG_0802_1024

After this we strolled around the parks, the Gothic quarter and dodged tourists and pick pockets along Las Ramblas.IMG_0953_1024IMG_0808_1024 IMG_0807_1024 IMG_0824_1024 IMG_0816_1024

We capped off our afternoon with some lush churros and hot chocolate… which was literally melted, hot chocolate. Incredible stuff!


In the evening we had an unexpectectedly fantastic Italian meal at La Cucine Mandarossa which was such good value we joked we should fly to Barcelona and back for dinner next weekend. They served generous portions so Henry got the pleasure of cleaning everyone’s plate.


On our last day we went to Parc Guell (EUR 7, book in advance), Gaudis’s sculpture and mosaic park in the hills overlooking the city. It’s a very cool park that has fantastic views in all directions. We were lucky to have a beautiful sunny day to explore! You’ll burn off some tapas on the steep hill up from the subway, but there are escalators near the Lesseps station if you’re not up for the challenge.

IMG_0851_1024 IMG_0862_1024 IMG_0841_1024

The views are great on a clear day with the Balearic sea in the distance.

IMG_0867_1024 IMG_0869_1024

The mosaics are beautiful, the tunnels are quite mind bending and El Drac (the dragon) steals the show. Barcelona is such a beautiful and unique city, it’s a great showcase of what makes it so special: the beach, Gaudi’s architecture and the mild Mediterranean climate. BUT, be wary of selfie stick wielding tourists while taking in the view 😉

IMG_0903_1024IMG_0905_1024  IMG_0928_1024

What a great trip! With it’s long dinners and late nights, laid back pace and great weather, it will always be one of our favourite places.

Until next time

– M + K

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