Beach Bumming in Ko Lanta

After a busy few days, a fair few drinks and a long trip across the mainland (two ferries, overnight stay in Krabi and a bus ride) we were relieved to finally arrive at Ko Lanta known for its relaxed vibe and great diving.


We spent our first night at the Lanta Happy Hill, a short walk from a nice piece of beach with reggae bars and great sunset views. We all had a low key night but the variability in the Changs shone through with Katie who turned into a girl possessed. Her excuse: “the Changs are strong with this one”.


We had no plans expect relaxing and diving and we booked a resort that had a pool and was near the beach in the northern part of town in Long Beach. The boys focused on tanning, whilst Katie and I played in the pool before Henry joined in later on. And there was a lot of relaxing.


We hired scooters and took a day trip down to the south of the island. Tim recommended Kantiang Beach, so we drove down there but finding it was a bit busy and not as secluded as we hoped we turned back and headed Nui Beach which we’d spotted on the way down.

There were about four people on the whole beach; it was so secluded and picturesque. We played a bit more frisbee in the sea, and lounged around but the heat got the better of us so we headed up to the Diamond Cliff Bar to cool off and admire the views over the beach.


We got back to the hotel to find that someone had stolen our travel speakers and Katie’s book from our scooter, but they somehow left my iPad! I guess the case put them off and we were very relieved.

In the evening we took the boys back to the bar for sunset, grabbed dinner and played some drinking games which Mark did not excel at.


After that we headed back into town to the Irish Embassy to watch Liverpool demolish Tottenham and hung out with a few local Liverpool fans.


We hit up a karaoke spot and made best friends a tuk tuk driver on the way home to cap off an awesome day.


Our final day on the island we scheduled some diving and we chose Dive and Relax. Diving here is a bit pricer than Koh Tao (~USD 120pp for two dives, inc. lunch and drinks) but it’s much better and they use speed boats with small groups instead of the larger boats found in Koh Tao.


We dived at Koh Haa One and Koh Haa Yai and the conditions were incredible. We saw a moray eel snapping at fish, a few sea snakes, some squid, swam amongst a school of barracuda and just as we were getting back on the boat a purple/grey octopus!

In the morning, thoroughly relaxed, we hopped aboard our ferry to Phuket which was to be our final destination in Thailand and on our trip. Until then…

– M


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