Brewskis with Rouskies in Nha Trang

After the train ride that never seemed to end we were glad that we’d rolled into Nha Trang, a pretty fancy beach town by Vietnamese standards, that reminded me a bit of Florida in a way.

Very randomly, Nha Trang has been taken over by Russian tourists and it’s the only place with menus in a language other than English. We got asked questions in the street a lot by people in speedos and we received a lot of “I feel sorry for you” looks when we said we didn’t speak Russian.

Our first day in town we hit up Vinpearl – Vietnam’s answer to Disneyland and Wet ‘n’ Wild. It’s on an island visible from Nha Trang beach that you get to by a huge cable car offering fantastic views. It even has it’s own equivalent of the Hollywood sign. It’s not cheap, at VND 500k pp (USD 25), but it’s got a bunch of theme park rides, an aquarium and a water park (which is the jewel in the crown).


We started off at the aquarium which has lots of tanks on the top floor with tropical fish, huge eels and crustaceans.


We then went downstairs to the underwater world – a moving walkway through a huge aquarium tube. In their they have sharks, turtles, rays and tons of other fish.

After that it was ride time! We started out on the mat slide where you head face down on mats on a long slide. It’s pretty tame to start but when you get you speed up and hit the drops you catch some air. It’s pretty intense when you land!


From there we did probably our favourite ride of the day – The Tsunami. You can do this in pairs or solo on tubes and after a initial very steep drop you swing back and forth on the half-pipe until you run out of momentum.


We tried the raft boat slide, both the kamikazes and the space hole before taking a breather in the lazy river.


Our final part of the day was in the main pool for the wave machine. Its apparently the biggest in Asia and it had a great little feature that I’d not seen before. To one side is a lazy river sized tunnel which funnels the waves into it smashing you off your rings and sending you flying. It was so much fun and we went on it over an over again.


Vinpearl was definitely a pricey little day out, the food is pretty awful and you have to look at tons of Russians in speedos all day, but it was a great day out. We’d really recommend it.

The next day we had a lie in and watched The Oscars on the Slingbox. Congrats to Dallas Buyers Club and we’re glad we saw it just before the awards. In the afternoon we headed down to the beach and relaxed.

The beach is public and spans 6km so it never really feels that busy. You can rent a sun lunger with umbrella for a couple of bucks and people will sell you beers for USD 0.75. It’s a pretty nice beach.

In the evening we went to Ganesh for a curry after realising it was the same guys as the ones in Hoi An and eating utter rubbish the day before at Vinpearl. It was awesome, as usual. From there we checked out the bar scene which we’d been told was pretty lively. Maybe it was because it was a Monday or we were just too early but everywhere was dead.


We headed over to the Louisiane Brewhouse, which does its own micro brews, for some delicious Czech style lagers and played a spot of pool before heading over to the Sailing Club.

This is probably the fanciest spot in town and it has a bar, restaurant and a thatched beach bar all under its roof. The drinks are definitely pricier here but are still cheaper than home. We had a couple of beers before realising everyone was drinking these huge mason/jam jar drinks. They were the price of two beers, so we thought why not… and what a good choice!


I counted at least a 12 second pour worth of booze on each one and our long cosmopolitan jars where very tasty. We had a few at the beach bar swinging on the chairs and discussing ideas for beach holidays (where we could swing on more bar chairs).

Nha Trang was a bit strange coming from Hoi An and definitely wasn’t what we expected but it was a nice change in pace. It’s definitely worth a couple of days there, but we were definitely look forward to getting back on the road. Until then…

– M

One thought on “Brewskis with Rouskies in Nha Trang

  1. That park is NOT a joke – that’s so, so so so sos sosososos fun!

    Also, 12 second pour?! Amazing.

    You guys look like you’re having so much fun!

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