Hitting Up Hoi An

We flew into Danang from Hanoi, escaping a 12 hour train or bus trip for a 45 minute flight. The price was right and we were happy to spend more time in Hanoi. We arrived in Hoi An in the afternoon and were thrilled to be back in warm weather and flip flops. We’d heard from just about everyone we met that Hoi An was there favorite spot so we were looking forward to checking it out for ourselves. Having recently been featured on The Bachelor, we had a sneak preview of what to expect.


The town itself is super cute with lots of walking streets that are closed to cars. The architecture is still intact from the French colonial period leaving blocks upon blocks of historic buildings with thousands of lanterns strung inbetween. There are tons of tourists in Hoi An, it’s a well beaten path which makes it a little more expensive but it’s easy to get around and find what you want.


The first day in town we headed to the beach, a 20 minute bike ride from town, to explore. We hit up the very tasty Dingo Deli on the way for a much needed deli sandwich and milkshake. On the way, we rode through rice fields and along the river before reaching a pretty decent beach.


We had some great food while in Hoi An including a fancy meal at the most popular restaurant in town, Morning Glory. Reasonably priced for the great Vietnamese food. Another favorite (that we visited twice it was so good) was Ganesh Indian restaurant. I was not a huge fan of curry in NYC but Ganesh has changed my mind. So good! Another must try was the Banh Mi Queen herself, recommended to us by some fellow travelers in Halong Bay. The Queen speaks no english and there is one thing on the menu, her famous banh mi. You simply tell her how many you want and she delivers! The sandwich was delicious and made even better by her cute personality.


We really took our time in Hoi An and made time to relax which was nice for a change. We booked up a cooking class, made plans to explore on our motorbikes and scheduled a few days too just hang out and explore the town. I even got talked into buying a custom made dress by one of the towns many tailors (it was too cheap to resist)!

We have few more posts coming on our Hoi An adventures on the way…

– K

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