Sir & the Star

A good friend of ours, Matt Strom, recommended visiting Point Reyes, something that wasn’t really on our radar while planning our trip down the PCH. We love being outside (especially after living in Manhattan for so long) and made sure to change our plans to spend a night in Point Reyes. We got in late, after dark, and drove through windy roads to get to dinner at The Sir & the Star.

One of the things I spent a lot of time researching before the trip was FOOD. Mike and I love to go out to eat and really enjoy good food so I wanted to make sure we didn’t miss any great hidden spots, especially in California. So far, we’ve had really fantastic food in SF and Napa, honestly just about every meal has been legit. Sir & the Star was no different.





I first heard about Sir & the Star in a NYTimes “36 Hours” travel piece on Point Reyes. We pulled up in the pitch black of night and, for a city girl, it looked a bit scary. However, the inside was very cool and cozy in a Brooklyn hipster way with a roaring fire and taxidermy. We ordered a ton of food including the warm rolls and mashed potatoes to share, bone marrow and goat rack for Mike and a goat cheese soufflé and vegetable bouillabaisse for me. Super rich but really tasty. And if felt nice to go to trendy-ish restaurant in the middle of the woods.

– K

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