Leaving New York City

On our last night out in New York City, we headed downstairs to our favorite bar, Swift, for one last night out.  We were thrilled to have so many people from different parts of out lives to come out to see us off to London.  We had such great last night ending with a dance party and slices.  We’re going to miss so much about New York:  Seamless, the rapid commute, bagels, late night karaoke sashes, the seasons, the crazy homeless people… but mostly, our friends.

leaving party

Through the randomness of New York City, we’ve made friends in the most unlikely of ways; through work, soccer, friends of friends of friends… and at Swift 🙂  The older we get the more we realize that good friends are hard to come by.  Just makes us love and appreciate the ones we’ve got even more.

It’s going to be strange being the “new girl” in London after having such a great group here. We’re hoping y’all will come visit and let us take you out for a pint!  After all, we’re only just across the pond…

– K

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